Second Property Assessment Coming in the Spring of 2017 to Orleans Parish

tax-buttonIn December of 2016, the residents of Orleans Parish approved a property tax millage increase for both fire protection and drainage. The New Orleans City Council adopted the millage ordinance on January 26, 2017. In order to collect the additional millage, the City of New Orleans will be sending a supplemental assessment to property owners. Thus, property owners in Orleans Parish need to be aware or made aware of the impending second property assessment tax bill coming out in the Spring of 2017.[1]

What does that mean for property owners and investors? First, a second assessment means that property owners must be prepared to pay the tax bill. Second, if the property owner does not pay the tax bill, the second assessment will be sold at a future tax sale to an investor. Thus, this year, the likelihood of an owner missing paying their property taxes and becoming delinquent to be sold at a future tax sale has increased exponentially.

What can realtors, brokers, attorneys, accountants, and the like do? Tell your clients about the impending second assessment. Then, follow-up with those clients to ensure they have paid their taxes. What does that mean? It means you are saving them from major problems and therefore saving them money! In my experience, there is nothing more a client likes to hear than, “hey, here is how I can save you money.”

[1] City of New Orleans, Office of the Mayor,. City Issues Property Tax Reminders. 2017. Web 01.31/2017

About Joseph R. Marriott

I am an attorney practicing and servicing the greater New Orleans area. My practice focuses on real estate transactions exclusively.
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